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Bring on the subs

It’s time to blow the cobwebs out of your wallets and purses and pay your Amicale subscription. Tagora functions as a section of the Council of Europe’s staff association, the Amicale. All active Tagorans (participants and helpers in our productions) should become members and pay the subscription of €20, which is now due. In addition to events organised by the Amicale and its different sections, the benefits of being a member include a certain number of commercial offers; and the Amicale carries an insurance policy Continue reading →

The End of the Beginning

Rehearsals for Oh, What a Lovely War! are taking a short break, which gives us the opportunity to schedule another play reading. Sean O’Casey’s The End of the Beginning, written in 1937, tells of a couple who swap places in order to resolve an argument about whether men’s or women’s work is more difficult. 18.30, Tuesday 28 February, Tagora rehearsal room. All welcome. Photo: Sean O’Casey, pictured in 1924 Background reading from The Guardian

Transfer of registered users to new Web site

The user database has successfully been transferred from the old Web site to the new, meaning we shall be able to continue sending out our occasional “what’s on” notices. However, it has not been possible to recover the passwords, since those are hidden even from site administrators. Everyone, therefore, has been re-registered with an automatically generated password that bears no resemblance to the one they had chosen (nor, indeed, to any known language). It would have been possible to send out these passwords on an Continue reading →

More Chekhov shorts

The French-speaking group Le Brigadier is presenting another three Chekhov short comedies at the Cube noir from 18 to 26 February. The three titles (in their English versions) are On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco, The Wedding and The Anniversary. More information in the flyer.

Oh, What a Lovely War!

Preparations are well under way for Oh, What a Lovely War!, our spring production scheduled for 12 to 15 April. With an on-stage cast approaching fifty people, the rehearsal space is a bit cramped, but we are soldiering on – an appropriate term in the context. There’s more about the play here; and further details will be added very shortly. This production is now over. You can see photos here.