Japanese Theatre

NOH – Japanese Traditional Theatre You are welcome to come and meet Taichiro NOMURA who is an actor of  Japanese traditional Kyogen theatre and a direct descendant of a NOH farce family with a 500 year tradition. Tagora has invited him to an evening of cultural theatrical exchange on Thursday 16 May at 6pm in the rehearsal room to which all are welcome. If you do not have a badge to enter the council building please contact davidadamson@kastor.net

Ta-daaa! It’s the TAAD

As Tagora regulars know, TAAD is the Tagora Almost Annual Dinner – so named because we don’t always manage to hold one every twelve months. This year it will take place on Saturday 28 October, with live music from Too Old to Die Young and a selection of dramatic or humorous contributions organised by our emcee, David Adamson. The venue is the Camionneur. Doors open at 19.00. Admission is free: just pay for what you eat and drink. Come and enjoy dinner and wine and Continue reading →

This Time the Girl’s in Trouble

Tagora members and friends are warmly invited to the launch party for M. Soul’s new album. Canadian singer Marcel Soulodre, alias M. Soul, is a staunch friend and supporter of Tagora, and manages to attend most of our productions despite his own performing commitments. To celebrate the release of his new album he’s organising a party at the Galerie “No Smoking” on Friday 20 May. Doors open at 19.00. Marcel and his band will be performing songs from the album as well as some Johnny Cash and rock ’n’ roll. Admission is free, Continue reading →

It’s quiz time again!

Once again the English Speaking Community of Alsace is holding a Christmas quiz, in which non-members are invited to take part. It takes place in The Irish Pub, rue Vauban, Strasbourg, on Thursday 10 December. Come along for snacks, drinks, good company and a bit of exercise for your brain cells. More information on the ESC Web site.

ESC retro party

The English-Speaking Community Alsace is organising a party at the Camionneur on 18 September, and the invitation is extended to all Tagora members and friends. Contact Martyn for more information, or see the ESC Web site.