“Pretty Penny”: Strasbourg in May, Luxembourg in June

We are pleased to announce that Tagora’s FEATS entry for this year, The Virtue of Pretty Penny, or, A Vile Murder Foil’d, by Simon Palmer, will have a preview showing in Strasbourg shortly before we take it to the Luxembourg festival. We shall be performing it in the cabaret atmosphere of the Camionneur on 15 and 16 May. Performances start at 21.30, but please come earlier and sample the Camionneur’s excellent menu. Booking will be possible through the Camionneur in due course. The FEATS festival takes Continue reading →

Curtain up on “La Belle Époque”

[wppa type="slideonly" album="91" size="150" align="left"][/wppa]Thanks to David-Michel Muller and François Thouvenin, photos of the dress-rehearsal and performances of La Belle Époque are now available to view or download. Photos also include contributions from Martyn Symonds, Roger Massie and Michèle Lotz.

Tagora’s next project

With our recent production of Watson in Winter just finished, it’s time we turned our thoughts to the next challenge – La Belle époque, a Victorian-era music-hall. We’ll be looking for singers, dancers and actors, but most of all for people willing to invent, create, cast and manage contributions to this fun-filled variety show. Come along to the launch meeting on Thursday 6 June to find out more. Continue reading →

Recent productions: photos on line

Thanks to David-Michel Muller we have an excellent collection of photos of our two latest productions, Watson in Winter by Richard Thayer and selected sketches by Harold Pinter. Click on the photo to visit his on-line gallery. Downloadable versions of the photos will be available on the Tagora Web site shortly.