Asides: Introducing Tagora’s film unit

Date(s) – Wednesday 4 April

Rehearsal room



Asides is an umbrella title for a series of activities unconnected with our main projects, aimed at providing an alternative to preparation for a major production. Possibilities include play-readings, poetry or technical workshops, but we are open to suggestions. You don’t have to be a Tagora member to attend; but since the venue is within the security zone of the Palais de l’Europe we do have to make arrangements for anyone who doesn’t have a badge giving access to the premises. If you fall into that category, please contact Tagora at least 48 hours in advance to give us time to complete the formalities.

Introducing Tagora’s film unit. Co-ordinator: David Crowe

Some years ago, the Council of Europe’s Amicale (Tagora’s parent association) had a Video-Photo section which – among other activities – committed some of our productions to video and also made a number of original fiction films, often with the help of Tagora’s creative minds and willing bodies.

The Video-Photo club no longer exists; but it has left behind a useful collection of technical equipment: video- and still cameras, tripods, some lighting, microphones, etc. – in short a lot of the things necessary to shoot video and make movies. On Tagora’s suggestion, the Amicale was happy to entrust this equipment to us; and this evening is intended to see what interest there is among present and future members in launching such an activity and to discuss what direction it might take.

It could be something as simple as filming a production; but the options are many, and include anything from “teasers” to promote our plays or Amicale events all the way to independent creative productions. So if you like the idea of getting involved in filming activities as part of Tagora, come and express your opinion.