Rattigan double-bill: “Harlequinade” and “All on Her Own”

Date(s) – Thursday 31 May-Saturday 2 June

Cube noir


Véronique Zentz directs two plays by Terence Rattigan.


Romeo is wrinkly and rheumatic; Juliet dissimulates her fading charms thanks to an understanding stage-manager and a lighting tech well versed in the use of shadow. Who has not dreamed of playing the ingenue for ever? The stage itself is a theatre of illusion.

But when, just hours before curtain-up, reality begins to take over where illusion left off, the world turns upside-down. Revelations and confrontations strain the precarious balance of this theatre company whose ageing leading lights must carry the can.

Terence Rattigan’s Harlequinade is a caustic, touching satire of theatre-land, its people and its culture.

All on Her Own

A powerfully atmospheric one-woman play, All On Her Own tells the story of Rosemary who, alone at midnight in London, has a secret burden to share that is both heartbreaking and sinister.

The play began life as a piece for television, broadcast on BBC2 on 25 September 1968. It was first performed on stage at the Overground Theatre, Kingston, Surrey, in October 1974.

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