“Top Girls” by Caryl Churchill

Date(s) – Friday 8 June-Saturday 9 June

Theater Rampe


Non-Tagora production or event

Our near-neighbours, The Semi-Circle theatre group in Basel, are presenting a piece by Caryl Churchill, Top Girls. Tagora members may be interested in an expedition!

The play observes how different women cope with the constraints of a patriarchal society in the mid-1980s Britain, a time of rapid change.

Marlene is a career-driven business woman and only interested in women’s success. During an extravagant dinner party she introduces her “friends”, amongst them famous women from history, such as the female Pope Joan. But is Marlene as strong as she looks?

We learn how other women cope in and around the business world and start to wonder: what does it actually mean to be a successful woman?

More information: http://www.semi-circle.ch/