FEATS in Frankfurt, June 2017

FEATS is the Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies. It’s a competitive festival of short plays in English. Tagora is one of the participating groups; but since only twelve of the thirty or so groups in the FEATS community perform each year, we have had to wait our turn recently; our last involvement was in Luxembourg in 2014.

However, next year we are invited. The festival takes place in Frankfurt from 2 to 5 June 2017. So we have to select a play before the deadline of 16 December.

To help us come to a decision there will be an open committee meeting on 5 December at which potential production teams will be invited to present their proposals. So far we know of three, but if anyone wishes to submit a project we are still open to suggestions. Please note, though, that it should be a fairly well-developed project at this stage, not just a title. We need names of the director and of most of the participants, both on-stage and off. We shall also want to be sure that the casting is complete, or at least practical with the selection of actors we can usually count on (any proposal requiring twelve men under thirty, for example, would have to show that there is a realistic chance of finding them!)

The meeting

All are welcome to attend the open committee meeting in the rehearsal room on 5 December at 18.30. The usual rules about access to the building apply. Please contact Tagora at least three days before the event if you need us to make arrangements.

The plays

The Tagora Web site will remain strictly neutral in terms of publicising any auditions. There will be no “news” announcements on this page, but audition dates will appear in the “What’s on” list in the right-hand column. Producers/directors should contact Tagora to ensure their events are listed.

Those responsible for the productions may also use Tagora’s Facebook page, which is open to public posting.

There will be an opportunity to stage the chosen play in the Camionneur at the beginning of April, probably together with one or more of the runners-up.