“Speak Truth to Power”

Court in the Act, the theatre group of the European Court of Human Rights, will be performing

 “Speak Truth to Power: voices from beyond the dark”, written by Ariel Dorfman and directed by Andra Matei

at 12.30 p.m. on 12 June, in the small hearing room of the Palais des Droits de l’Homme

“At this difficult moment for Europe, for the world and for the cause of human rights, when the forces of regression and hatred are on the march everywhere, the news that my play will be performed at Strasbourg is particularly welcome. The fact that those who will be giving voice to defenders who speak truth to power are the judges and lawyers of the European Court of Human Rights, that has been such an extraordinary and brave example of  how justice can be served in our dire times, moves me and my wife Angelica immensely. We wish we could be with you for this presentation, but are glad that the words written from our experience of repression and resistance will resonate in those halls and beyond.” Ariel Dorfman