Wanted: 12 good men and true

On 24-28 June 2020, Tagora will be putting on 12 Angry Men, a stage adaptation of Sydney Lumet’s classic 1957 movie, at the Cube noir. I’m directing it and I’m looking for actors – men. This is not a gender-inclusive production: as the name of the piece implies, it’s about men and about how they behave.

A re-telling of the play with a modern, mixed jury could be very good, but that’s not what Reginald Rose wrote. It’s also a play about American men: the frankness and freedom of the dialogue is intrinsically American. You can find a pdf of the text on www.s-palmer.com (password: gnasher, navigate to “Downloads” page).

If you’d  like to take part, please contact me at palmer.sc@gmail.com. 

There will be readings at the rentrée with a view to establishing a definitive cast and we will start rehearsals in November after the All-Saints’ holiday.

The rhythm of rehearsals will be relatively light at the start but will obviously intensify as time goes on – but let me emphasise here that a high degree of commitment will be needed from the start. We shall need to create a tightly knit ensemble whose members can rely on one another. We can work round scheduled absences and even some unexpected-but-inevitable ones, but 100% remains the ideal.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Simon Palmer