It’s theatre, Jim, but not as we know it

First we stopped shaking hands, then we made alternative arrangements for rehearsals, then … bang! lockdown. We do things otherwise. As you can see from the photo, the angry men have lost none of their anger and are venting it, regularly, once a week, via Zoom. It’s not the same as a physical rehearsal, but it’s well worth doing. It’s an opportunity to get deeper into the text and the characters.

None of us knows when we’re going to be able to get it into a theatre: President Macron said that places of public resort and entertainment will not open before mid-July, and by then our theatre will be closed for the summer, and anyway all this is conditional on the way the pandemic evolves. Our contacts in Trois14 are busy planning for a wholesale rejigging of the programme, but clearly nothing is possible until more is known. However, one thing is clear: the show will go on. Eventually. Watch this space.

Many of us were sad to learn last week of the death of Luc Michel, former President of Les Comédiens du Rhin, member of the Trois14 committee and a good friend to Tagora. He will be missed by many.