Uncertain times

We announced in June Tagora’s plans to stage the Merchant of Venice towards the end of 2021. However, in these uncertain times it is becoming clear that it is impractical to continue planning for a such a production. Restrictions on gathering together in large groups, and on access to rehearsal spaces, look as if they will continue for some time.

As an alternative, we propose to work on a revue inspired by aspects of Shakespearean theatre – past, present or future. The show should, in part, be composed of original material written by those wishing to participate. Each item should last no longer than five minutes and involve no more actors than may be accommodated in someone’s home!

Music will be an integral part of the entertainment, and contemporary settings of any of Shakespeare’s many songs would be welcome; or why not numbers from West Side Story and Kiss me Kate! Short scenes and soliloquies (in any language) from his plays could also be included. So if you’ve ever dreamed of being Henry V or Juliet … now’s your chance.

The revue (entitled perhaps “Much Ado about Shakespeare” or “Carry on Will!”) may also be presented if necessary in modular form but – all things being equal – could be performed as a full-scale entertainment in the latter part of 2021, venue permitting. The main thing is that it’s flexible and inclusive. So if it grabs you, get your thinking caps on, and keep an eye on the website.