Online reading: “Bed” by Jim Cartwright

Looking for something to take your mind off real-world troubles? Here’s a suggestion.

Tagora is launching a series of online readings via the Zoom application, which many of us have become familiar with over the last few months. The first will take place on Sunday 24 January at 11.00.

The season opens with Bed, by Jim Cartwright. Written in 1991, Bed is published together with Two by the same author, which Tagora produced some years ago.

About the play

The book cover describes Bed as follows:

“Sophisticated in structure and mature in content (its insights into the twilight world of old age are remarkable), Cartwright’s ode to sleep fizzes with puns and free association and brims with the confidence of a craftsman who can work as happily with surrealism as naturalism as he teases out snippets of life story from the ancient occupants of the bed. The sheer exuberance and beauty of the writing and the piece’s urgent theatricality are difficult to describe … Cartwright is a true original.”

How to take part

Tagora members and friends are welcome to join us online, to read or just to listen. For a personal invitation, please e-mail

Future readings

We have initially programmed further readings on the following dates, all at 11.00:

  • Sunday 21 February
  • Sunday 21 March
  • Sunday 18 April

Plays will be announced in due course. And if you have a proposal for a play, let us know at

Hope to see you soon!