The History Boys Part 2

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Part 1 – the play so far….

At a boys’ grammar school in the north of England in the late 1980s, eight boys return to school for an extra term to prepare for their Oxbridge entrance exams. They are taught General Studies by Hector, an eccentric teacher who believes in education for education’s sake, and gives the boys lifts home on his motorbike . We learn that Hector routinely gropes the boys on their ride home.  

The headmaster thinks the boys need ‘polish’ to get into Oxford or Cambridge and employs Irwin to train the boys to pass their exams. This contrasts with Hector’s stance that knowledge is for not for exams, but for life. We also learn of Posner’s longing for Dakin who is more interested in trying to conquer the headmaster’s secretary, Fiona.

When Hector is called into the headmaster’s office and informed that he has been seen by the head’s wife touching one of the boys on his motorbike, he must concede to sharing his lessons with Irwin, and leave the school at the end of the year.