Tickets now on sale for “Much Ado about Will”

Much ado indeed; few writers have caused as much ado as William Shakespeare. Across languages, cultures and diverging ideologies he provokes a universal passion. But who was he – or she?

Centuries of research and often far-fetched speculations lead only to this: you can only know him – really know him – through his work or in the imagination of the reader or the play-goer. His essence has survived an infinite variety of interpretations and yet remains a fixed star in the constellation of world literature – to the frustration of those who hold that he lacks contemporary relevance or that his language is inaccessible.

In Much Ado about Will, Tagora presents an evening devoted to Shakespeare: the man and his writings but also the ideas and myths that surround him with extracts, sketches and songs.

In English but with quite a lot of French.

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