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Who's who in Tagora

Various cast and crew mugshots
David Crowe
William Valk
Christine Hattersley
Pelin Iscan
Gregorio Villalobos
Claire Massie
Julia Whitham
Roberto Lamponi
Tim Lisney
from “Wounds to the Face”, 2000
William Valk
As Marley’s Ghost in “A Christmas Carol”, 2013
Jeannine O’Kane
Antoine Kaufman
Julia Whitham
Isabelle Dousset
Julia Laffranque
In “Oh, What a Lovely War!”
David Crowe
Bridget O’Loughlin
Maria Oreshkina
Bridget O’Loughlin
Josie O’Reilly
Tina Mulcahy
Paula Hinchy
Andrew Wright
Özgür Derman