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Who's who in Tagora

Various cast and crew mugshots
Hannamari Kivelä, David Crowe, Véronique Zentz and Özgür Derman (standing)
Preparing for “Wounds to the Face”, June 2000
Nigel Permaul
David Adamson
Tim Lisney
from “Wounds to the Face”, 2000
Maria Psarrou
Andrew Wright
David Crowe
Dianne Bartsch
Richard Thayer
Jeannine O’Kane
Roger Beetham
Elena Malagoni
Ian Bennett
Maria Oreshkina
Simon Palmer
David Crowe
Bridget O’Loughlin
Christine Hattersley
Michael Remmert
Svetlana Anisimova
Elaine Newton
Emmanuelle Lédy
Audrey Tumulty
Richard Thayer