Young actors wanted for comedy roles

We’re hoping to stage a translation/adaptation of Georges Feydeau’s short comedy Amour et piano, under the title Heart Strings. It has three characters, including a young man and a young woman, both aged around 20. We have no obvious candidates for the younger parts, and whether we consider the play for production will depend on finding suitable actors. Beginners are welcome! Performance would be in English, but it’s not essential that it be your first language. Auditions will be held in the evening of 1 April at the Continue reading →

Volunteers wanted for backstage and tech jobs

Our friend David-Michel Muller, when not photographing our productions, has also been known to take to the stage himself. Now David, Joan Ott and the troupe La Dorée are producing a “comedy of anticipation”, Mnemosis, at the Pilier des arts in Rosheim and later at the Cube noir in Koenigshoffen. And they need some help behind the scenes. Here’s the full list of their requirements: • au Pilier des Arts :  Montage : Mercredi 22 avril (±18h) : 3 personnes  Générale : jeudi 23 avril (±18h) : Continue reading →

New regular slot: Wednesday workshops

Since we don’t have a production under way at the moment, we are launching a series of workshops. They will take place on Wednesdays, probably every two weeks. First off is a play reading, Lunch Girls, by Ron Hart. See the listing under “What’s on” for more information. We’ll certainly be doing more play readings to broaden our knowledge, maybe choose a play for production and, of course, have fun. But the plan is to cover some other theatre-related activities. Continue reading →

What next?

Following our successful production of The Cherry Orchard, we are already looking forward to our next project. There are a few ideas floating around, but nothing fixed; and several possibilities in terms of opportunities and venues. So if you have any thoughts – or just want to find out what’s going on – come along to the open committee meeting on Monday 9 February at 18.30 in the rehearsal room. We’ll also be “debriefing” on Cherry Orchard, so come with any feedback you might want to pass on. Continue reading →