Audition postponed: “A Game of Honesty”

Auditions will be held some time in September. Watch this space.

Our colleague, Aygen Becquart, proposes to stage her self-penned play A Game of Honesty. With a view to casting it, she will be holding an audition session in the Tagora rehearsal room on Wednesday 29 June at 18.00.

The cast of 6 includes:

  • George and Susan, a married couple (mid-40s)
  • Their children: Bertha and Alex (teenagers)
  • Leonard (a waiter, in his 20s)
  • Louise (mid-40s).

Please contact Aygen if you intend to come, both so that she can send you a script and also to enable her to complete any administrative formalities that may be necessary for those who are not on the staff of the Council of Europe.

Those with scripts may like to note the passages selected for audition:

Act I

Susan and Louise: page 5, from ‘Louise, how good to see you’ to page 10: ‘Louise nods with excitement’.

Act II

Covers the whole act.

All the cast except Leonard


Susan and Louise: page 26 from ‘The waiter brings the bottle’ to page 29.
George and Leonard: pages 30-31, until ‘Susan wakes up’.

Final act

Page 33, beginning until page 35 at the end: ‘George: this is not working’.