About Tagora

Tagora is a multicultural and multilingual theatre troupe, whose main aim is to unite amateur theatre enthusiasts who want to act, sing, dance, contribute to the dramatic arts, but above all take part in shows.

Although part of the Council of Europe’s Amicale (staff association), we recruit also from outside the Council. We believe this contact between a European institution and the world outside is one of our strong points. Our members are for the most part English-speaking, but many nationalities are involved in all our productions. We aim as far as possible to make productions accessible to non-native-speakers, by presenting French summaries in the programme, and often also on stage, and by making good use of physical acting techniques, movement and action.

We generally stage one major production a year. In addition, we often also produce shorter pieces with theatre festivals in mind, and regularly take part in FEATS (the Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies) and Théâtralis, Strasbourg’s festival of amateur theatre.

Among our other activities are play-readings, theatre workshops and an (almost) annual dinner, for which the diners supply their own cabaret.

Tagora goes from strength to strength, aided by a tireless enthusiasm and by the experience gained over twenty years of work – but also thanks to the efforts of certain of our members who have a professional background. We are pleased to be able to make our unique contribution to the Amicale community.

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