New to Tagora?

Welcome to Tagora’s Web pages, and welcome to Tagora.

A question you may well be asking is “How do I join Tagora?” Here are some explanations that should go some way to answering the question.

You “join”, if you wish, by registering with the site. This doesn’t commit you to anything. You will be informed about events ranging from full Tagora productions to our occasional social events, and including – from time to time – announcements about other events in Strasbourg that Tagora members may like to know about. We respect your privacy. The mailing list is strictly controlled, and e-mails are limited to events of genuine interest.

Tagora “membership” as such does not exist. Tagora is a section of the Council of Europe’s staff association, or Amicale. If you are on the staff of the Council of Europe, you are almost certainly a member of the Amicale, and therefore a member of Tagora.

If you are not on the Council staff, read on.

Can I come to the play reading on such-and-such a date?

Non-members of the Amicale are welcome to come along to occasional activities of Tagora without any membership formalities. This covers play readings, workshops, auditions, social events, etc. There is no need to pay a subscription for this participation. However, for security reasons we do need to know who is coming, so that we can arrange for access to the Council of Europe’s buildings. If at all possible, please contact Tagora at least 48 hours in advance.

Where do I go?

Most of our meetings are held in the Palais de l’Europe, the main Council of Europe building. See here for map and directions.

What happens if I want to be in a play?

If you find yourself taking part frequently in our activities, and, especially, if you participate in one of our productions, you are expected to join the Amicale. For this there is a subscription charge, payable to the Amicale, of €20 per year. Full information, together with a membership request form, is available on the Amicale Web site. (There are a number of other benefits open to members of the Amicale. Consult the Web site for more about this.)

We are always pleased to see new faces and make new friends. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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