Anyone for Scrabble?

Sandwich lunchOur series of occasional play-readings continues this month with two fairly modern shorts, each of which seems to eschew character names in favour of letters of the alphabet. So come and meet A, B, B, C, D, M, J and V. What a Scrabble hand, eh?

First on the menu (geddit?) is Lunch Girls by Ron Hart from 1983, scheduled for 13 June. And we continue on 19 June with Crave by Sarah Kane, first performed in 1998.

Lunch Girls by Ron Hart

Postponed due to illness: to be rescheduled. Check back later.

In Lunch Girls four women try to arrange to meet for lunch. But amid all the juggling of diaries, engagements and excuses they reveal more than their social lives.

Crave by Sarah Kane

Tuesday 19 June, 18.30, rehearsal room, Palais de l’Europe

Crave has four characters, each identified only by a letter of the alphabet. It dispenses with plot and unlike Kane’s earlier work, with its highly specific stage directions, gives no indication what actions, if any, the actors should perform on stage, nor does it give any setting for the play (summary from Wikipedia).

Anyone is welcome to attend these play readings “for fun”, whether to join in or just listen. The only formality is that, for security reasons, we need to accompany visitors to the Palais de l’Europe who do not have a valid picture badge for the Council of Europe buildings. If you are one of these, please contact Tagora.