Better late than never!

A couple of weekends ago saw the culmination  of what has been nearly two years in the making. The delay to  Niall Costigan’s Workshop was of course due to the pandemic. 
Niall devised our course of study especially for Tagora and based his theme on “approaching a role”. Working with two groups of twelve and an age-range of 14 to well over 60, he introduced participants to the examination of text (Noel Coward’s Private Lives), Uta Hagen’s nine questions, improvisation & relaxation exercises and as one group member wrote 

“I particularly enjoyed Niall’s acting approach in which  he urged us to refrain from self-absorption.

Quoting Stamford Meisner,  he felt that Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting only made introverts more introverted, and that by shifting one’s concentration away from self provided an escape route and a means of being in the “moment”.  I felt it hit close to home!”

Some other views included: –

“The work was often quite fascinating and though, at first sight seeming simple, was in fact difficult and demanded much concentration” –

“It was so good, so inspiring and we learnt so much in a relatively short space of time” –

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot.  Now the test will be to put it into practice.  Niall was a pleasure to work with” –

“I spent fabulous time. It was great to go back to acting again after so many years” –

and lastly from a mum, Imogen Hattenville

“The children thought it was fantastic, Nell was champing at the bit to go back on Sunday! They thought Niall was great and loved his approach. Nell has already used the characterisation questions to help prepare her audition for YATS’  upcoming production of Guys & Dolls”   

A very worthwhile experience, I believe…………Louise