Better late than never!

A couple of weekends ago saw the culmination  of what has been nearly two years in the making. The delay to  Niall Costigan’s Workshop was of course due to the pandemic. Niall devised our course of study especially for Tagora and based his theme on “approaching a role”. Working with two groups of twelve and an age-range of 14 to well over 60, he introduced participants to the examination of text (Noel Coward’s Private Lives), Uta Hagen’s nine questions, improvisation & relaxation exercises and as one group member Continue reading →

Calling all actors

Just starting rehearsals for a new production? Why not benefit from Tagora’s latest workshop, to be held on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June? Entitled “Approaching a Role”, it will offer guidance in the development and portrayal of character as well as associated technical skills such as voice work and movement. The workshops will be divided into two groups of no more than 12 participants and consist of two sessions of two and half hours each – a total of five hours. Continue reading →

Fête de l’Europe

From 1 to 31 May the Lieu d’Europe is celebrating the continent with the Fête de l’Europe. Among the events scheduled is “L’Europe en musique”, which will take place on Sunday 22 May from midday to 18:00. Anouk Brocard, who is responsible for cultural projects in the city of Strasbourg, has invited Tagora to participate. It will be a family-friendly event which includes a picnic and the participation not only of Tagora but of several local music schools. We shall be repeating the short scenes Continue reading →

Barking off

In view of the number of absences over the Easter break we have decided to call off the auditions for The Dog It Was That Died planned for Thursday 14 April. If you’re interested in taking part, please contact Tagora without delay!

Future productions

This year we’ve been allocated two slots in the Trois 14 season, one in the last week of October and one in the second week of March 2023. Our autumn show will consist of two one act plays. The first, She Was Wearing, to be directed by Julia Whitham, consists of seven monologues written by a collection of Irish writers. The second is a short spy thriller, The Dog It Was That Died, written by Tom Stoppard and directed by Simon Palmer. This play is Continue reading →

Oyez, oyez! Update!

Calling all Tagorans! Meeting documents are now available for the “two for the price of one” AGM. Click the Continue reading link below. The time has come (and indeed gone as regards 2021), for us to hold an Annual General Meeting.  Since we failed to hold one in 2021 (we can blame it on COVID!), we will need to hold our AGM to for 2021 and for 2022.  The Committee has decided to hold this double AGM on Thursday 3 March, at 18:00, via Zoom. Continue reading →