Future productions

This year we’ve been allocated two slots in the Trois 14 season, one in the last week of October and one in the second week of March 2023.

Our autumn show will consist of two one act plays. The first, She Was Wearing, to be directed by Julia Whitham, consists of seven monologues written by a collection of Irish writers. The second is a short spy thriller, The Dog It Was That Died, written by Tom Stoppard and directed by Simon Palmer. This play is scheduled for an online reading on Sunday 10 April.

Thus auditions are upon us – the first, She Was Wearing, will be held in our rehearsal room at the Palais (back at last) on Tuesday 29 March from 18.00.

Readings for The Dog It Was That Died will take place, after the online reading, on Thursday 14 April from 18.00 once again in our rehearsal room.

Should you not have a badge that allows entry to the Council of Europe premises, or if you wish for a script please Contact Tagora.

Look forward to seeing you then!