New project: “Watson in Winter”

John WatsonJohn WatsonTagora’s next production will be Watson in Winter, a new look at the legend of Sherlock Holmes, written by Richard Thayer.

We’ll be performing it at the FEATS festival in The Hague over the Whit weekend. Strasbourg audiences will get a chance to see it beforehand on 7 and 8 May and possibly other dates to be announced.

The cast is as follows:

DR JOHN WATSON: former general practitioner and short-story writer (David Adamson)
MRS HUDSON: his landlady (Bridget O’Loughlin)
JONES: a reporter (David Crowe)
SHERLOCK HOLMES: the late consulting detective (Martin Wright)
REGINALD MUSGRAVE: landowner and Conservative MP (Roger Massie)
IRENE ADLER: opera singer and adventuress (Julia Laffranque)
COLONEL ROSS: race horse owner (Richard Thayer)
GILES LESTRADE: Scotland Yard inspector (Ian Bennett)

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