Tagora’s next project

La Belle époqueWith our recent production of Watson in Winter just finished, it’s time we turned our thoughts to the next challenge – La Belle époque, a Victorian-era music-hall.

We’ll be looking for singers, dancers and actors, but most of all for people willing to invent, create, cast and manage contributions to this fun-filled variety show.

Come along to the launch meeting on Thursday 6 June to find out more.


  • Friday 13 December 20.30
  • Saturday 14 December 17.00
  • Sunday 15 December 17.00
  • Wednesday 18 December 20.30
  • Thursday 19 December 20.30
  • Friday 20 December 20.30

If you think you might like to join in with preparing and producing this period extravaganza, come along to the meeting on Thursday 6 June in the Tagora rehearsal room. All welcome, both regular members and newcomers; but if you don’t have a badge giving access to the Council of Europe buildings, please contact Tagora at least 48 hours in advance.