The un-French connection

Under Milk WoodThe Théâtre national de Strasbourg is going through an anglophile phase, with three English items on the programme. That’s Eng. lit., of course, extending beyond the bounds of England itself. So, to give credit where it’s due, we’ve added the nationality of the author.

  • 13-21 December, Au bois lacté, by Dylan Thomas (Welsh). The English-language pages of the TNS have, curiously, translated the title as In the Milky Wood, but we know it better as Under Milk Wood.
  • 7-10 January, three shorts by Harold Pinter (English): One for the Road, Mountain Language and The New World Order. Workshop theatre by the École supérieure d’art dramatique of the TNS.
  • 10 January-2 February, Whistling Psyche, by Sebastian Barry (Irish).

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Photo: Frédéric Iovino