What we’ve been reading

David Crowe and David Adamson in Tagora's production of “The 15-Minute Hamlet”It’s been suggested that a handy list of the plays we’ve read (or which are on the programme) would refresh our memories and provide a reference for helping to select material. So here it is.

  1. Alan Bennett: Green Forms
  2. Anton Chekhov: The Anniversary
  3. Georges Feydeau: The Music Lovers (adapted by Reggie Oliver)
  4. Michael Green: The Art of Coarse Acting
  5. Ron Hart: Lunch Girls
  6. Stanley Houghton: The Dear Departed
  7. Barth Hulley: Mr London
  8. Sarah Kane: Crave
  9. Sean O’Casey: The End of the Beginning
  10. Harold Pinter: The Lover
  11. Harold Pinter: The Room
  12. Neil Simon: Plaza Suite
  13. Shelagh Stephenson: Five Kinds of Silence
  14. Tom Stoppard: After Magritte
  15. Tom Stoppard: The 15-Minute Hamlet. Not a recent reading, but a production from a few years ago. The suggestion has been floated that it my be revived for FEATS in 2013.
  16. Richard Thayer: Watson in Winter
  17. David Tristram: Last Tango in Little Grimley

These are all I can find within the new Web site, which dates back to February this year – supplemented by my memory. If you remember any earlier pieces that we should be bearing in mind, please let me know.

I’ll try to keep the list up to date.