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Betrayal by Harold Pinter

In 1977, Emma and Jerry meet in a pub in England.

They have a drink, chat, share memories of old stories. Emma tells him that her marriage to Robert is on the verge of failure, following the shock of the revelation of her adulterous relationship… with Jerry. A relationship that ended long ago.

Betrayal is at the heart of this famous piece of contemporary British theatre. Emma, ​​her husband Robert and her friend Jerry are faced not only with their mutual betrayals, but also with the betrayal of themselves. Are the bonds between the characters in this tragic triangle destined to be broken forever?

Cube noir, Koenigshoffen

  • Wednesday 8 March, 20:30
  • Thursday 9 March, 20:30
  • Friday 10 March, 20:30
  • Saturday 11 March, 17:00
  • Saturday 11 March, 20:30
  • Sunday 12 March, 17:00
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Betrayal is directed by Rob Simmons and performed by Pelin Iscan, Jamie Brown, Pavle Dragaš and Callum McKenna.

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